Access Policy

The Chicago Young Republicans are pleased to help right-of-center organizations and Republican candidates meet with our members and promote related events.

Calendar Events Posting Policy

Upon written request, the Chicago Young Republicans will publicize any Republican and most general right-of-center political or policy events in the Chicagoland area. Please e-mail the president, vice president, political director, or the general information email account at our website for details.

E-Mail Policy

Due to the large number of items that our organization generally must include in our weekly e-mail blasts, outside “featured” events will be limited. Generally, non-CYR affiliated events are included in e-mail blasts if there is a compelling interest for our general membership. For example, a special admissions discount for CYR members to attend a particular event.

Speakers Policy

Unless otherwise stated, there is a limit of 2 speakers per event. First come, first served, with priority given to individuals who have not been in front of the group previously. The best way to reserve a spot is to email the board–specifically, the president, vice president, political director, or the general information email on our website. If you show up unannounced you run the risk of not being able to speak due to a full set of speakers already being in place. Typically the best events for speakers are our monthly general business meetings and our monthly happy hours. Please check our events calendar for details.

The speaker must be a candidate for a district that at least overlaps with the city of Chicago. Some exceptions will be made for candidates age 40 & under outside of Chicago. Speakers from political organizations not affiliated with any particular campaign may also have access, depending on circumstances.

Even if an individual cannot get a speaker’s spot for a particular meeting, they are always welcome to show up, circulate petitions, recruit volunteers, etc. If a campaign provides signature petitions, the club will set them up at a “petition table,” with other campaign petitions for meeting attendees to sign at their own pleasure.

The CYR board reserves the right to refuse individuals even if they meet the above rules, although such cases would be rare or extenuating circumstances.

Blog Posting Policy

Any Chicago-area or state-wide candidate who wishes to blog on the CYR site ( may contact the president, vice president, political director, or technology director to request access to the site. Candidates in the exploratory phase seeking to get on the ballot may also post blogs to the site. Candidates may only blog once per week.


In the event an organization or individual refuses to honor their financial commitment(s) to the CYRs, all access to the CYR blog or other CYR assets will be suspended until the debt is paid in full.