It’s the Chicago Republican commitment to preserve and honor the U. S. Constitution. Our party believes that the executive, judicial or legislative branches of the government should reduce the rights included within the Constitution. The foundation of our constitutional republic and of the Chicago Republican organization is expressed in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Chicago Republican

Chicago Republican

Our fundamental ideals are based directly upon this remarkable document: the concepts of freedom, opportunity, equality, a limited government, vigorous national defense, low taxes and the right to life.

Each Chicago Republican is dedicated to our party’s long legacy of support for civil rights. Our party can trace a historical line from Abraham Lincoln – the first Republican president – to the endeavors of our party to this very day.

While the other major party promotes dependence and division, we will carry on and fight to establish opportunity, optimism and independence that empowers individuals to attain their potential.

This is the Chicago Republican ideal: we look proudly upon our heritage in order to advance the concept of freedoms for all regardless of color or creed.

Chicago Republican – Revitalizing the Illinois Economy

As the party of opportunity and an optimistic outlook, it’s the Chicago Republican belief that America is an exceptional nation. We believe that individual freedoms and opportunity are optimized when the size and power of government is restricted. We understand Americans achieve great things when their government doesn’t restrict their creativity and work ethic. The most effective way to help the most Chicagoans, therefore, is through a growing economy that generates jobs and opportunity.

It’s best for individuals and for the cost to society to keep the amount of people receiving public assistance as small as possible. Those in need of assistance should certainly get it, but public assistance should not be considered as an
alternative approach to earning a living.

To significantly reduce cost to business, the Chicago Republican organization believes in reforms for tort liability and workers compensation.

Chicago Republicans – An Overview of Our Central Tenets

Starting with its very first stands against too much power in the hands of the few and the privileged, our party has identified itself as a protector of individual freedoms. To this day, Chicago Republicans are more committed than ever to the causes of liberty and freedom. The solid foundation of our shared philosophy includes the components of:

Financial Conservatism. Consistent with our goals for individual liberties, we’re supportive of policies that limit government spending and taxation.

Smaller Government. To protect the liberty of the individual, it is our belief that government must be restricted. Otherwise, unchecked authority of the few would place limits on freedom for the many to determine what’s best for themselves.

Support for the Federalist System of Government. To place power closer to the people, it is necessary to constrain the growth of a central federal government. The state of Illinois should have the capability to select which programs and actions are the most fitting for its purposes.

A Strong National Defense. It’s our belief that the most effective method of preserving peace and protection of our nation’s interests abroad is by way of a strong national defense.

Personal Freedoms and Responsibilities. Together with individual liberties comes individual obligations and duties. Government must act to protect freedom, and individuals must exert their duties to maintain order.

Tolerance, Optimism and Inclusiveness. We believe in the rights of any fellow Chicago Republican to disagree on issues of basic principle and policy.