Chicago Young Republicans – Our organization honors the United States Constitution and the fundamental notion that neither the executive, judicial or legislative branches of government should diminish any of the rights it describes. Below we present some fascinating facts about this remarkable document:*

Constitution Facts

Constitution Facts

– On November 26, 1789, the first national “Thanksgiving Day” was created by George Washington to “give thanks”.

– Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania was the eldest delegate at age 81 to attend the Constitutional Convention. Jonathon Dayton of New Jersey was the youngest at 26.

– The original document is on display at the National Archives building in downtown Washington, D.C.

– More than 11,000 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed in the U.S. Congress. While 33 went to the states for ratification, only 27 have gotten the required authorization from the states to become amendments to the Constitution.

– The Constitution was developed in the Pennsylvania State House, which is where the Declaration of Independence was signed too. Now named Independence Hall, it’s also the same building – in the city of Philadelphia – where George Washington was granted his commission as Commander of the Continental Army.

– Written in 1787, the Constitution was signed on September 17th. It wasn’t until 1788 that it was ratified by the required nine states.

– The U.S. Constitution was prepared secretly behind closed, guarded doors.

– Some of the document’s original framers were concerned that the original draft was lacking a description of individual rights. As a result, in 1791, Americans added a list of individual rights and it was those first ten amendments that became known as The Bill of Rights

– Out of the 55 delegates who attended the Convention, 39 signed the document and three delegates dissented. It was actually two of the country’s “founding fathers” didn’t sign: Thomas Jefferson was overseas representing the country in France, while John Adams was doing the same in Great Britain.

*Source: National Constitution Center