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The Chicago Young Republicans are one of the nation’s largest young Republican organizations. In recent years we put more than a dozen young GOP candidates on the ballot and provided the grassroots infrastructure desperately needed to challenge the entrenched Democratic Machine.

Our Republican volunteers each election cycle make countless phone calls, decorate the city with thousands of yard signs and campaign literature. Equally important, we deploy trained election judges, poll watchers, and member attorneys to ensure integrity to Chicago’s democratic process.

Stephanie Linares, Scott Davis and Jillian Bernas are just a few of the CYRs who were brave enough to challenge the liberal status quo in recent election cycles. Along with the numerous other CYR candidates for local, state, and federal offices, they collectively represent the next generation of passionate, professional GOP leaders.

We’re changing what it means to be Red in a Blue State.

The CYRs did our part to contribute to the electoral successes of Governor Bruce Rauner, Congressman Bob Dold, and many others. But CYRs’ contributions don’t stop at the border of Illinois. We are one of the few YR chapters that do out-of-state deployments and helped with GOTV efforts in Wisconsin for Governor Scott Walker’s original and recall elections, as well as Speaker Paul Ryan’s re-election campaigns. For continued success we must keep this momentum alive. Our vibrant, all-volunteer organization depends on substantial technological, marketing, activist, and membership resources. We ask that you become a sponsor to build upon our success.

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