Welcome to the Chicago Young Republicans (CYR). Established in 2005, our organization is a sub-chapter of the National Young Republican Federation – an auxiliary of the Republican Party for over 80 years. Our efforts are put together and implemented by young people – but the Chicago Young Republicans is the oldest Republican youth movement in the USA!

Republican Chicago

Republican Chicago – A Look at Our Positions to Help Our City and State

Restore the Illinois Economy

We’re advocates for a pro-growth positioning for Illinois’ economic policies and for submitting proposed legislation or regulation to thorough examination regarding its effect on growth. We reject proposals that would have a negative result. It is the Republican Chicago understanding that taxing businesses results in fewer jobs, lower investments and higher prices for consumers. Consequently, we oppose raising taxes, mandates and fees at all levels in Illinois.

It’s no surprise that high taxes on businesses and families make Chicago and the state of Illinois less competitive. Therefore, we support eliminating the capital gains tax. We also recognize the burden imposed by the death tax – the CYR calls for the repeal of the state’s oppressive death tax.

Preserving the Advantages of Illinois

One of the essential advantages enjoyed by the Land of Lincoln is our location in the nation’s heartland. Because Illinois is centrally-located it makes the state’s transportation facilities particularly important to our national economy in addition to the lives of our residents. We support fully utilizing our air, rail, water and road infrastructures to benefit our state’s legal citizens for the promotion of trade and recreation.

We are in opposition to the sale of Illinois’ transportation facilities and infrastructure to any foreign interests. Additionally, we’re against any government body choosing to divert designated road funds for purposes other than construction and maintenance of our roadways and

Government Reform

It is simply the highest, most important obligation of elected and appointed city and state officials to carry out the powers and obligations of their offices with honesty and utmost integrity. This is a necessity of good government and elevates public trust.

A Fairer Tax System and an Alternative to “Obamacare”

It is a Republican Chicago belief that the current state income tax system must be replaced with a fairer and more affordable alternative. We also believe that reforms are needed for the Social Security system to assure that its funds will be available to all those who have paid into it.

With respect to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – known as “Obamacare” – it is a Republican Chicago position that it should be replaced with reforms built upon the guidelines of preserving patient and provider control over their own healthcare decisions and for creating incentives that encourage competition. This includes the capacity to purchase insurance across state lines, portability and adaptability.

Republican Chicago – Volunteer Driven

Interested in volunteering to be part of a local or state campaign? If you’re ready to get involved as a Republican Chicago and help our organization revitalize the Windy City get in touch with us today – simply send us your info on our convenient online form.

Republican Chicago – Press Contact Information

The Chicago Young Republicans is an organization with a diverse roster of knowledgeable spokespeople available for press interaction. Many of our members have taken part in media relations training and our officers have offered the Republican Chicago reaction in interviews when breaking news develops.

Our experienced media and communications staff have formed solid relationships with local and state media and is able to marshal media attention at important events. Our Republican Chicago spokespeople and membership both serve to inform citizen commentary on the City of Chicago’s political issues.