Republican Party – The basic beliefs of the Chicago Young Republicans are based on the concept that each individual is responsible for their own position in a society. Republicans believe that the role of government is to enable people to secure the key benefits of society for themselves, their own families and for those who’re not able to do so on their own. Republicans believe in limiting the government’s involvement in the work of individuals towards success. The government should get involved only when society is unable to function at the same level as individuals. This basically means that the Republican Party believes in keeping the government as close to the individual as possible, and that it should focus largely on the state and community levels rather than the federal level.

The core notions of the Republican Party are as follows:*

Republican Party

* The greatest government for the people is nearest to its people. In keeping with this basic concept, the government should not get involved unless they are needed.
* The strength of our nation can be found with the individuals who live here. Therefore the liberty and responsibility of individuals must always come first and foremost in government.
* Free enterprise and encouragement of individual initiative are what has brought the nation economic achievement in the past, and what will continue to bring success in the future.
* The government must apply financial accountability, and allow its people to keep the money that they earn.
* The United States of America should always work to defend national freedom as its top priority, while also supporting the spread of peace, liberty and human rights around the world.

The Chicago Young Republicans are passionate about working towards a smaller government that is guided by common sense. We have a lot of love for our great city and we’re excited about working hard towards its success through sensible legislation and fiscal accountability. We are a dynamic group offering young Republicans from all over the Chicago region an open and inviting place to get together, volunteer and take part in local and national politics.